Voting Bernie Removes the Choice Between Two Evils in November

By | January 31, 2016

Bernie this morning on Meet The Press verbalized the issue at the heart of the decision we get to make for the future of the United States, as well as the heart of the Democratic Party:

“Hillary Clinton will be the problem,” Sanders said. “Because I think our campaign is the campaign that is generating excitement and energy that will result in a high voter turnout. Republicans win when voter turnout is low. Democrats win when voter turnout is high.”

Pundits have been confused about this election year from the beginning. Over on the Republican side you have people enthusiastic about Trump, and this is in part because he is saying the things that are at the heart of the conservative electorate. That is kind of scary, but it’s true. People will support their truth enthusiastically.

And with Bernie that is what is happening with not only Democrats, but young, old, black, white, and many others. Why? Because they can look around and see the danger we are in across this nation. They don’t need Bernie or anyone else to tell them that the wealthy are getting wealthier while they are getting poorer. They don’t need to realize that the hope and change promised to them by countless politicians over the last few decades has not arrived.

And then, you get Hillary coming up and trying to sell to the electorate that a better healthcare plan, her words not mine, will NEVER, EVER HAPPEN.

Or promising them that she will tell Wall Street to cut it out, but accepting their fundraising as recent as a few days ago, with more coming soon.

Or trying to sell the people on the lie that she never even received top secret emails while they were found on her private server. How did they get there if they weren’t received?

Not to mention that issue of making such a decision in the first place, while trying to say we should pick her over Bernie because her judgement would be better.

I don’t believe I have ever witnessed a candidate that tells the voters that we cannot do this, or we are unable to do that. It shows a lack of courage on the part of the candidate as well as a lack of faith in the system on behalf of the candidate that things can be better.

It calls into question the reason behind running in the first place. Bernie is running to fix the issues he sees. Is Hillary only running to check off another item on her bucket list?

I have to have faith that those about to vote or caucus in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and Super Tuesday will see through this as well.

I don’t want to live through another Clinton scandal. I am hoping that Taylor Gipple, the guy that asked Hillary about being dishonest, is just representative of the legion that are ready to say enough, we are better than just accepting the inevitable and ready to rise up above the fray and take back our country.

Sure, I think that if Hillary makes it to the general election she would run and defeat most of the Republicans running now. But I am tired of making the “best of two evils” decision in November. We have a better choice available.


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  • jhophyde

    Great article except for one thing, Hilary cannot beat any Republican she has way too much baggage