We Need to Takeover the Democratic Party

By | April 25, 2016

OK, the primary is not over yet but no matter what happens something is clear: We shouldn’t leave the Democratic party, form a third party or anything like that.

No, Berniecrats, progressives or whoever you are out there. It’s time to reclaim the mantle of the Democrats and throw out the Third Way/ New Democrats. In fact, let’s call them what they are: Moderate Conservatives. Heck, Neoconservatives.

I’m sick and tired of being told by the old guard that the ideas espoused and believed in by so many in my generation and the millennials are pie in the sky fantasies. You know what these ideas are called in other modern, first world governments? Policies. Programs.

In the US, these policies are seen as anathema to the ruling class because they do nothing to grow their bottom line and line their pockets.

Look, many things can happen between now and November. People keep saying how the Republican party primary is crazy. The Democratic one has been just as crazy. A national party in the United States has been pushing for a person under FBI investigation to be their nominee for president.

Read that again. We have lost our soul.

Now, I have NEVER been a Democrat. I’ve never been a Republican. I see nothing in either party currently that matches my values. But that can change. Bernie Sanders has taught us that WE must be the change.

And the same goes for if somehow Cruz or Trump become president. If they win, don’t leave. Fight. It’s our country and we must stand up and be the change. Our nations that have lead the push and entered the 21st century did so because people fought for the change. It’s our turn.

And here’s the best part. Bernie has shown us how it can happen. We are able to go outside Wall Street and rich donors and support down ticket candidates. In doing so, we can take over the state legislatures, House of Representatives and the Senate.

We can organize and mobilize online.

We can be a force to be reckoned with.