We Are the New Scum: How We, the People, are Viewed by the Establishment

By | February 25, 2016

They hate us. They want us to stay in our lane, shut up unless spoken to, and show up to pull the lever or punch out the chad when expected. After that, they need us to get back in our place and shut up again.

If we speak, it better be in support of the politics and messages they approve.

They control who is elected. They have measures in place to ensure the right choice is made. On the Democrat side they have superdelegates. Why?

Unpledged delegates exist really to  make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activist.

Wouldn’t want some upstart activists usurping the will of the party, would we?

The Republican side is looking more and more at having a brokered convention to save the party from the billionaire populist Donald Trump.

We are not in a democracy. It’s an oligarchy and they hate you.

You matter some in 2016. You are a firewall. An electorate.

In 2017, you are useless to them.

It became most apparent when Hillary Clinton, at a private $500 a head fundraiser, came face to face with a Black Lives Matter protester. She paid to gain access, which Hillary should understand and respect seeing as she has experience in these matters. She went to hold Clinton accountable. But you don’t get to do that to those in power. You only speak when they let you. Watch the video and see what happened:

Listen to how dismissive she was to this protestor.

Here are the ones hissing at this young black woman that dared to speak against her betters.

And they hate her. They hate you. Why? Because we are the scum. We don’t matter. We can’t afford to be with them, and they work hard to ensure we are never part of them. We don’t belong.

If you follow me on Facebook, or read here, plus know a bit about comics, you may have noticed my avatar. Awhile back I switched it to this:

This is Spider Jerusalem, the protagonist of a series by Warren Ellis titled Transmetropolitan. Set in a dystopian cyberpunkish future, it follows Spider, a gonzo journalist, as he tries to take down a corrupt politician. The one before wasn’t much better. But Transmetropolitan also followed the rise of those that had been oppressed and suppressed by the corrupt masters of this future nightmare. He describes them as:

These are the new streets of this city, where the New Scum try to live. You and me. And here in these streets are the things that we want: sex and birth, votes and traits, money and guilt, television and teddy bears. But all we’ve actually got is each other. You decide what that means.

And in many ways, WE are the New Scum. Hillary and all of these corrupt politicians want to keep us in our place, but we are recognizing what is happening in our country.

And we have a clear, stark choice right now. We can choose the revolution promised by Bernie Sanders to tell these assholes we are done with their crap, or we can choose Hillary Clinton. Spider speaks to this as well, in discussing revolutions:

There’s one hole in every revolution, large or small … people. No matter how big the idea they all stand under, people are small and weak and cheap and frightened. It’s people that kill every revolution.

And he’s right. We are, individually, small and weak. But we can be strong. We can rise up and tell THEM to shut up. Tell them we are tired of being pushed around. Yes, we are the New Scum but we are powerful. We must fight back against them. Why? Spider again has an answer:

Every law that curbs my basic human freedom; every lie about the things I care for; every crime committed against me by their politics; that what’s makes me get up and hound these fuckers, and I’ll do that until the day I die… or until my brain dries up or something.

It’s time to wake up. They are poisoning our kids. They are limiting our health care. They are shooting our future down in the streets. They are kicking us while we are down. And in the media they tell us how great of a nation we are. How we should hate the people over there. And we should hate each other. And they saturate the airwaves with noise and fury and useless blather. And discuss the power we have as a new president enters the scene, and a New America moves forward. Spider discussed that, too:

While you all get hard-ons about the New President and New America, and imagine that the next four years will be blindingly, luminously different from the last four years and the last few centuries and everything will be made right and there’s nothing more important than tax cuts and tits in the movies–

–be advised. This, too, is New America. The people living here are living in America too.

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