We Are Not Berniebots: If Bernie Won’t Stand up to Hillary Then We Will

By | July 25, 2016

I’m pissed. All day I have been lectured about how Bernie’s supporters will line up behind Hillary. How we will unify because Trump is scary. How we will do the right thing and give in to fear to stand up to Trump.

Here’s the problem: how has Hillary proven to Bernie supporters that she deserves their vote?

The answer is nothing.

Instead, she has picked a Vice President that stands for many things his supporters oppose.

Instead, she brings Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the DNC who led the organization to minimize Bernie and rig the election for Hillary, into her campaign as honorary campaign manager the same day she resigned in disgrace.

Watching the Democratic National Convention so far, I hear why Trump must be defeated but not why Hillary deserves to be President. Instead, the litany of speakers want me to understand that Hillary isn’t as bad as Trump.

Right when the convention started, the DNC, under Donna Brazile now despite her also being complicit in demeaning and keeping down the Sanders campaign, apologized to Sanders and his supporters.

This is not enough. You disenfranchised us. You plotted to undermine his campaign and as such the millions of supporters that fought for him. Now you want us to let bygones be bygones and unite behind the thief that kept us down? Is she really better than Trump? We know she has been dishonest. We have the FBI chief telling us how reckless she is with national secrets.

So, if I’m going to fight against the person who is president because they don’t hold my beliefs for 4 years, why should it be Clinton instead of Trump? Because of Supreme Court picks? Maybe Clinton and Wasserman Schultz should have thought about that.

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