We Are a Movement and Must Keep Moving Forward to Take the Victory

By | February 20, 2016

Tonight in her victory speech after being declared the winner of Nevada, Hillary Clinton told the youth of America, “It can’t be just about what we’re going to give to you.” She’s right. Right now we are fighting against years of corruption fueled by a system that is self-perpetuated by policies, money and the media. No one is going to give us a victory.

We must take it.

No one would have thought we would be where we are now but to move forward, we have to keep our eyes on the true prize. Yes, the primary goal is electing Bernie Sanders but overall our goal is systemic change.

Across the country, Bernie’s message is gaining momentum. To continue this momentum we must realize that the system will attempt to dampen our passion. They will see the revolution is over. They will say Bernie has no path to victory. They will try to spin that Hillary’s victory is historic. They will try to bully us into giving up.

We must have the courage to show them we are a revolution and that revolutions do not roll over because we lose one state by such a small margin that we were told was a firewall.

The system has needed money on top of money to win by that margin. They needed to steal our stump speech. They needed to parrot our message. And even then the firewall barely held.

Let’s dispel with the notion that it will be easy. It won’t. We will have to fight for every inch. Phone banking. Donating. Canvassing. Whatever it takes.

And in the end one of two things will happen.

If we win the primary, we then must take on whoever the GOP sends our way.

If we lose the primary, we must not allow the progress we have made to go away.

In either circumstance the fact remains that this is the START of the revolution and that the revolution is bigger than any one person. As Bernie says: Not me. US.



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  • Mark McCarty

    Right on!!