The Problem with Hillary when Compared to Bernie (and others)

By | February 3, 2016

You know, sometimes I think if Hillary would just stop the BS and try, TRY, to be genuine that I could support her, but this whole CNN town hall proves that she just has too much staging and consultants and listens to the polls and has to say just the right thing. Plus, her baggage is just too much.

That is really sad. I think when Bill ran he had those moments where you really could just want to go and hangout with him. Not so with Hillary. I could go and just talk small talk with Bernie and enjoy my time with him. No politics, no pressure. I feel with Hillary she would sit and just calculate the best thing to say to get the upper hand.

Same thing, at times, with Trump. You’ve heard people say he comes off as your crazy, drunk uncle. Sure, but people love their crazy, drunk uncle. You know who he is. He may be racist, but he doesn’t hide it. You can disagree, he will argue with you but at the end of the day he isn’t couching his discourse to gain support. This is a problem.

And its a problem Cruz has, too. You just hear people saying they don’t like her. A Cruz vs Clinton ticket would have terrible general election turnout.

Here’s the thing. She is not a progressive. Embrace that Hillary. Will you be a progressive if you are the nominee? No, you won’t be. Why? Because you will then need to be more moderate because polling will tell you that it’s what you need to do to win in November.

And that is the problem. You evolve more than a Pokemon. You have to change your spots constantly to meet the metric being forced on you by handlers. We need to get away from this and get back to less money and more honesty in politics.

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