The Media’s Candidates: How We Were Given Two Choices for President

By | February 29, 2016

From the beginning of the 2016 election, our choices for president were shaped and focused for us. Hillary was a given. She has been the candidate since 2009, and this in and of itself makes her decision to make speeches to all sorts of special interests all the more damning. Jeb Bush was the favorite for awhile, but in June, descending from the most likely gold covered halls of Trump Tower, Donald Trump entered the race.

Now  one of these was pretty much the nominee from the get-go. The fact a few others entered the race was probably seen by the Democrats as a way to legitimize their coronation. Jeb never really seemed to want to run for President, and honestly probably ran out of a family obligation. Trump, however, started becoming more and more bombastic and the news media just started giving him as much attention as they could muster.

So, we have one candidate hand picked by the Democrat’s who gets all the attention on that side. We get another candidate on the Republican side who gets all the attention because they want ratings. Why are we surprised that it is increasingly becoming more likely they will become the nominees? Of course they would be. The media shoved them down our throats.

Bernie has had an amazing campaign. And if you are a millennial or willing to get informed yourself you realized he is speaking to a lot of the issues out there. He draws huge crowds, rivaling those of Trump. He is raising all of his money from small donors. And he did ALL of this with barely any media attention.

I mean, look at the recent news of a DNC vice chair RESIGNING HER POSITION to endorse Bernie.

Flip it, and think of this happening on the Republican side. Imagine Sharon Day, the current co-chairman of the RNC, resigning her post to support Ted Cruz, John Kasich or Marco Rubio. I promise you that CNN, MSNBC and Fox would be completely flipping out and breathless in their coverage.

But Bernie gets this huge endorsement, with court intrigue, and I think over the span of listening for 3 hours straight Sunday I heard little about it. While working today I put on CNN, because why not try to depress myself, and over two hours I heard it mentioned once. Now, I heard Rubio insinuated Trump had a small penis. I heard Trump was claiming CNN gave him a bad headset so he was not aware he had to say the KKK was bad. I also heard Hillary say America was already great and had decided to ignore Bernie since he is hopeless. But they gave Bernie maybe 3 minutes the whole freaking time. Now, I did have to turn it off occasionally, so i’m sure in the 30 to 45 minute gaps throughout the day they gave him non-stop coverage. Right?

Bernie will also probably hit $40 million in small donations in the month of February today. I doubt this will get much airtime either. I mean, he has parades thrown by supporters nationwide that they ignore. Why pay attention to this any more than all the rest? Not like he’s a “real candidate.”

I’ve already wrote how the Democrat’s selection of Hillary is a nightmare. Paste Magazine had a piece today saying the Democrat’s should “Dump Hillary, and Dump Her Fast.” And the problem is not stopping there. Paul Begala notes that the enthusiasm gap between the Democrats and the Republicans keeps him up at night. And all this is enthusiasm stoked by Trump, who even the media seems to now worry about getting the nomination while they continuing to show his rallies uninterrupted. Yes, I realize it’s the car wreck effect, but you are to blame.

And the enthusiasm issue is not an issue for Bernie Sanders. It seems likely that the Democrat elites are trying to keep voter turnout down. Numerous stories about low voter turnout helping Hillary, coupled with stories about how this seems to be part of the plan to secure the election for Hillary:

Hillary Clinton is clearly the establishment candidate for the Democratic Party. Not one U.S. Senator has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Only two other congresspeople have endorsed Bernie — the rest have all broken for Hillary. Almost all of the mayors and state senators from the Democratic party have also endorsed Hillary Clinton.

As much as establishment politicians have broken for Hillary, young people under the age of 35 have broken for Bernie Sanders. Without fail, in each primary so far, in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, young people under the age of 35 have voted for Bernie by a margin of 85% to 15%. It’s not even close.

Consequently, party leaders (again, that’s code for Hillary supporters) have seemingly hosted fewer voter registration drives. Doing so, would, in essence, be drives for Bernie Sanders. In some cases, party leaders are just skipping them altogether in many states and at college campuses.

That breaks my heart. It should break your heart to. They are committing suicide to secure Hillary the spot. And they are able to justify it by pointing to Hillary winning. And the media, who give her all sorts of attention, are able to discuss how voters just don’t know Bernie, or are unable to connect with Bernie. Well, yeah, that does seem the case. If only there was an unbiased institution that assisted the voters in getting information…

I mean, read this and ask yourself if it seems something to be excited about:

The mood was excited and merry at the Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters at midday, with state official reporting light turnout in Saturday’s Democratic presidential primary that likely helps her score another win.

What the hell are we doing?

I mean, I guess Sanders could start going out calling Hillary names. Or insulting minorities. Or just stop talking about the issues. All these things have helped other campaigns.

And when negatives of either of the media darling campaigns are brought up, they just bring on the respective campaigns spin doctors to wash away the sins. Hillary is seen as dishonest. Here comes someone to blame the Republicans for conspiracies against her. Donald’s racist. Well, here is his press person to say that’s ridiculous. Now, let’s join the Trump campaign to see what crazy insults he is going to say this time! Oh wait, Rubio is slinging mud. Why, we should add him to the rotation. Are we morons? Is our lust for zany antics, what is going to happen next, so high that we need this crap?

I mean, maybe Hillary is seen as dishonest because she used a private email server, something many people just don’t get and think is probably a bad idea. Maybe it’s because she gave speeches to Wall Street for millions while now telling us she’s going to reign them in. Maybe it’s because she spread all sorts of racist crap about Obama in 2008. Who knows. I mean, the American public is told different by pundits, spin meisters and politicians in 5 minute barrages of publicity junkets otherwise believed to be the news.

Earlier today, in a sad moment, Rubio’s campaign had some faceless minion on (I was actively ignoring names because why do I care) and he was asked about the “new Rubio” that insinuates Trump’s penis isn’t “winning” and his spray tan clogs his pores. The Rubio henchman said that Rubio had to do this to get the press to pay attention, and that this was the only way to attack Trump. And he’s right. And that, America, is sad.

Just an update right before I posted this: Turned on CNN and they actually mentioned the Tulsi Gabbard endorsement. They said it was today (no, it was yesterday, but you guys ignored it) and then mentioned he raised $41 million in february, noting it was huge. They mentioned Elizabeth Warren has not endorsed him, and then went to commercial. All this lasted less than a minute. Oh, before this they were watching a Clinton rally. I hate the news media.

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