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Hillary’s War on Women and Why Young Women Support Bernie

Another day and another outraging statement from Hillary or someone who supports her. I just can’t get over how infuriating this one is. And coming from someone that should probably know better. Let’s just get to the statement: Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright introduced Hillary Clinton at an event in New Hampshire on Saturday,… Read More »

Hillary, At Her Most Passionate, Tells Voters Single Payer Healthcare Will Never Happen

Hillary Clinton lacks courage. Unless, of course, it involves her friends. Take a look at this video: This is Hillary telling voters that Medicare for All, Bernie’s plan for Single Payer Healthcare, will “NEVER, EVER PASS!” Here is her exact words: “I want you to understand why I am fighting so hard for the Affordable… Read More »

The Case Against Hillary: Taxation with Unequal Representation

I have already discussed previously how much Hillary received speaking to Wall Street. Its an amazing look at how someone who was a First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State went and spoke to the rich and powerful, yet wants you to believe she will hold these same people she schmoozed with accountable. Let’s be… Read More »