How MSNBC Just Tried to Help Hillary Beat Bernie on Super Tuesday 3

By | March 14, 2016

MSNBC has spiralled into complete and utter irrelevance tonight. I hear you, you thought that happened when Morning Joe played patty cake with Trump over and over as well as Joe Scarborough was taking questions from Hugh Hewitt about seriously considering being Trump’s VP. Oh, and maybe when the Morning Joe crew went full prostrating in front of Trump to lick Il Duce’s shoes.

No, tonight the Hillary Clinton love fest town hall hosted by Chris Matthew’s was one of the most inept, biased, masturbatory affairs EVER on mainstream media. Matthew’s at one point declared Hillary ready to be commander in chief. Seriously.

And what is so crazy about this is that everyone with common sense (not you, MSNBC, sit down) will recognize that Hillary and Chris are BFFs.  And unless under a rock, you will know that Chris’s wife is running for Congress in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. And Chris’s guests have also been showing love to his wife:

Using Federal Election Commission data and Hardball transcripts, The Intercept has identified 48 frequent guests of Matthews’s program who have made donations to the Kathleen Matthews for Congress campaign. These individuals, their spouses, or their political action committees donated $79,050 as of December 31, 2015 — about 5 percent of the $1.5 million Matthews had raised as of that time.

I hear you: Why does it matter (other than that people hosting town hall’s should be unbiased during it) that Chris and Hillary are close? Well, a good number of Hillary’s donors are also donating to Kathleen Matthews.

Kathleen Matthews, who worked closely with the Clinton Foundation for four years during her time at Marriott (which she just recently left to enter the congressional race), has blown away her primary opponents in terms of fundraising. By the end of 2015, Matthews had raised $1,569,092, FEC records show. Only one of her eight primary opponents — state Sen. Jamie Raskin — had raised more than $1 million by year’s end.

Many of Matthews’ biggest donors have close ties to either the Clinton foundation or the Clintons themselves. As noted by Bloomberg two years ago, 12 families have donated to every single Clinton campaign and charity. Of the 12 families, the two families that have donated the most to the Clintons are both funding Matthews’ campaign. Four families from Bloomberg’s list of biggest Clinton donors have given to the Matthews’ campaign. None of the four live in Maryland, where Matthews is actually running.

For shame, Chris. FOR SHAME.

And, I’m sure many are wondering how MSNBC treated Bernie. He got hard questions and Chuck Todd at times asked him multiple follow-ups. I mean, if you want to see how each were during their respective town halls you can watch the replays:


Dammit MSNBC. I mean, really? Keep in mind, Bernie’s town hall was at 6PM and Hillary’s at 7PM. So, shouldn’t they put them in the same order? No, because they want you to see her’s and screw Bernie!

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  • Mango Chutney

    Boycott MSNBC.

  • Thunderbuck

    MSNBC is going to give Bernie lots of coverage after he secures the nomination.

  • Lauren Demascola

    I am really tired of this. It’s not right. But Bernie doesn’t need you. And when he wins he will need you less. We, the people, got you bernie!!! #BernieOrBust

  • Paul Dav

    Will Chris weep tears of blood when $hillary loses the nomination..inquiring minds want to know.