Hillary in Response to Call to Release the Transcripts: “…I’ve been in public standing there the whole time.” Except When Speaking to Wall Street

By | February 18, 2016

Very interesting exchange tonight at the Democratic Town Hall tonight between Joe Sacco, a realtor in Las Vegas, and Hillary Clinton:

Joe Sacco: Secretary Clinton, I do respect you very much. In fact, only a decade ago I was a very big supporter of yourself and your husband. It actually broke my heart when you said marriage was between a man and a woman. How can we trust that this isn’t just more political rhetoric? Please just release those transcripts so that we know exactly where you stand.

Hillary Clinton: You know where I stand because I’ve been in public standing there the whole time.

Again, Hillary is missing the point. The question itself points out the problem that she WAS NOT IN PUBLIC. The worry is that you are telling us what we want to hear but promised them, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, something else. You were NOT standing in public, and by not releasing these speeches you are continuing to not stand in public with full disclosure.

This was his redirect from the first part of his question, where he asked her to release the transcripts and she responded with a canned answer she has said before:

Hillary Clinton: I am happy to release anything I have when everyone else does the same, because every other candidate in this race has given speeches to private groups, including Sen. Sanders.

Well, Bernie replied pretty quickly on Twitter:

And, of course, everyone realizes that the Republicans are pretty much known to be in the pocket of the rich Wall Street tycoons but expect more from a Democratic presidential candidate. And she tries to spin it to her favor by continuing that:

I was the candidate who went to Wall Street before the crash. I was the candidate who said to them, ‘You are wrecking our economy.’

But it continued and is still continuing. Why did it not stop? Were you ineffective? And why should we pick you over the guy who is NOT receiving Super PAC money, Wall Street speaking fees and donations from bankers, private prison firms, big pharma and on and on? Bernie speaks truth to the concerns of this generation. They did not pay Hillary to speak. They bought a potential president.

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  • Bobs_Vendetta

    Hillary Clinton CANNOT release those transcripts. They would make clear to everyone what some of us already know. She is a pro-big business, pro-Wall Street, pro-free trade Democrat. She is, after all, the quintessential Clinton Democrat.