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We Are Not Berniebots: If Bernie Won’t Stand up to Hillary Then We Will

I’m pissed. All day I have been lectured about how Bernie’s supporters will line up behind Hillary. How we will unify because Trump is scary. How we will do the right thing and give in to fear to stand up to Trump.

Here’s the problem: how has Hillary proven to Bernie supporters that she deserves their vote?

The answer is nothing.

Instead, she has picked a Vice President that stands for many things his supporters oppose.

Instead, she brings Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the DNC who led the organization to minimize Bernie and rig the election for Hillary, into her campaign as honorary campaign manager the same day she resigned in disgrace.

Watching the Democratic National Convention so far, I hear why Trump must be defeated but not why Hillary deserves to be President. Instead, the litany of speakers want me to understand that Hillary isn’t as bad as Trump.

Right when the convention started, the DNC, under Donna Brazile now despite her also being complicit in demeaning and keeping down the Sanders campaign, apologized to Sanders and his supporters.

This is not enough. You disenfranchised us. You plotted to undermine his campaign and as such the millions of supporters that fought for him. Now you want us to let bygones be bygones and unite behind the thief that kept us down? Is she really better than Trump? We know she has been dishonest. We have the FBI chief telling us how reckless she is with national secrets.

So, if I’m going to fight against the person who is president because they don’t hold my beliefs for 4 years, why should it be Clinton instead of Trump? Because of Supreme Court picks? Maybe Clinton and Wasserman Schultz should have thought about that.

Hillary and the DNC Must Pay for Disenfranchising Voters and Corrupting our Democracy

Standing at the beginning of the Democratic National Convention and following the Republican National Convention, you would think everyone would be able to unify and stand against Donald Trump.

And then Wikileaks released thousands of emails showing how the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign as well as the media to elect Hillary. You know, because it was HER turn. Because we need to be with HER.

The DNC did not care who the people wanted. It is obvious in the emails released so far that the cares of the Democratic voter at large meant little to those running the show. In fact, we did not have a Democratic election. We had a choice selected for us that we were just supposed to stand behind. Not unlike those in Communist countries where one party and one choice is given.

And how was this done?

By having moles in the Sanders campaign.

Having MSNBC pull video at the request of the DNC.

Attacking Morning Joe and demanding apologies.

Creating fake protests of the RNC and Trump.

Trying to plant fake stories about Bernie being an atheist.

Having Politico send stories to the DNC to have them pre-approved for publication

And many more… 

And here is the question: If Hillary was such a strong candidate, then why did this all have to occur?

The truth is, she is extremely weak. Even without an indictment from the Department of Justice, Hillary was shown to be an extremely reckless steward of the State Department and our national secrets. Her untrustworthy numbers are growing daily. This was before the DNC Wikileaks. Who knows how much further her unfavorability will go?

Despite all of this, they want us to vote for her anyways because Trump is evil, bad and should never be president. They want everyone to know a vote for Johnson or Stein is a vote for Trump. And they want everyone who decides to vote their conscience against the corruption they recognize from Clinton and the DNC to know they will be responsible for the Supreme Court bed by Trump or whatever else he may do.

But, no, that will fall on the DNC. They did not allow an unbiased election. They did not trust the people to pick the strongest candidate. Instead, they did everything they could to undermine Bernie and prop up the weaker candidate.

And Hillary Clinton’s campaign has decided to try to throw everyone off by blaming Russian hackers. OK, who cares? Whether it was the Russians, Anonymous, aliens or Elvis that hacked the emails, the fact remains they showed the DNC rigging the election against Bernie for Hillary.

And after all this, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has announced she will step down as the DNC Chair following the convention. Donna Brazile will step up to the job, despite her own hostility and complicitness in attacking Bernie in the emails.

Of course Hillary, in a moment of wishing to unify, decided to bring Wasserman Schultz onboard to her campaign “to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states.”

That’s right, Hillary, place the woman that undermined the votes of thousands nationwide to prop up your campaign in your own campaign as a reward.

And despite all of this, Bernie has decided to continue to back her. He can do as he wishes, but so can I.

As such, I have decided that I cannot support her. I will either vote Stein or just support down ticket candidates. I will not, however, vote Hillary Clinton.