CNN, Your Bias is Showing, or How You Just Tried To Fix Hillary’s Ship

By | January 25, 2016

I am sitting here watching the CNN Democratic Town Hall and I am flabbergasted. Absolutely stunned. Let me paint a picture.

First up is Bernie Sanders. Moderator Chris Cuomo tries repeatedly to set him up to say he will raise taxes, that he will make the government bigger and then even tries to hit him on being too old. He throws questions back at him repeatedly. After every question.

Oh, I almost forgot, they PLAYED A DAMN HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN AD IN THE MIDDLE OF BERNIE’S TIME! They asked him to address it. Let me note, so far this has not happened to Hillary. Never happened to O’Malley.

UPDATE: Yes, they finally did play a Bernie ad but notice how she was asked about it. She was given an opportunity to rate it. There were so many questions to ask, many centering around the passion of his supporters and how she could overcome that.

On Martin O’Malley, they let him answer questions, no pushback and it was done. he did well, but struggled a bit. Cuomo did ask him a process question, trying to have him pick who his caucusgoers show swing to since they don’t have a chance. It was awkward.

And then Hillary. Before she even sat down Cuomo was lavishing praise on her. He said that Obama endorsed her (he didn’t) and just threw her softball after softball. One of the questioners was already a supporter and threw her another softball, not before making sure to let the viewers know that he watched all 11 hours of the Benghazi hearing and Hillary swung him her way during it.

So far, as of 10:47 PM EST Cuomo has only gave her a redirect question one time. (OK, 10:52 PM there was another one). Once. He has allowed her to go on and on in answering, whereas he stopped Sanders and O’Malley often. This is ridiculous.

Let’s call a spade a spade. Clinton was horrible the last debate. She exited it and everyone was saying it was 2008 all over again. It surely seemed that way. What happened almost immediately? CNN threw together a town hall. Let’s call it what it is. It was a showcase. Here is Hillary one more time, without detractors. Remember how much you like her?

UPDATE at 11:02 PM

OK, so they played Bernie’s ad and she responded that she liked it. Cuomo could have given her questions on it, but nah. Why do that.

Then, we get an interesting question that is more interesting for how the kid verbalized it. he said, “I can see why they gave you this question.” Wait, what? No, you are supposed to be the one that came up with the question. CNN billed this as the residents of Iowa giving questions to the candidates. Did this guy just expose CNN?

Update 3:

And here is the video of the question and comment from the guy above.

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  • Bobby Alipour

    Hate the Clinton news network

  • Sandy Steubing

    Not surprised at the Clinton News Network’s bias. After Bernie was done (he did great!) I turned it off; didn’t want to get a stomach ache. 🙁

    • Crime Reporter

      Same here. Hope they noticed TVs going off in the ratings after Bernie was done. LOL.

  • Ephon

    You knew this would happen though, let’s be honest

    • nicolasqueen

      I had a suspicion but never thought it would be so blatant.

  • Elyse Stewart-Sass

    Yeah it was disgusting

  • Paul

    Why would ‘which one of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why’ be a voters top question for the next potential president? It wouldn’t be is the obvious answer. Thankfully he made it perfectly clear that it was not in fact his question.
    I hope all this blatant bias is as transparent and disgusting to the average voter as well.

  • JesusSavesatTarget

    What pisses me off is Chris Cuomo failed to address David Brock, a top Clinton who unsuccessfully race-baited the ad: “It presents a ‘bizarre’ image of America, focused on white voters. From this ad it seems black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders.”

    Echoes of the whisper campaign Bill Clinton unleashed on Obama in South Carolina 2008.

    Fucking journalistic malpractice to show her the ad and now commetn on how her campaign had attempted to smear it.

  • RatsnCons

    Wow! Fixing a phony debate purposely deceiving the public!

  • Random Marvel Fangirl

    Cuomo’s badgering in-your-face attack dog tactic was unsurprising, theres only so many ways you can reexplain your point three times over and over again. I *think* the message got through, but man, Cuomo was hopped up on 5 tripple espressos to get fired up before begining the talk. Aggressison aside, it gave Bernie a chance to outline his economic vision in a userfriendly fortmat.

  • DJ

    I watched Sanders and O’Malley, couldn’t bring myself to listen to HRC, knowing a lot of what she says would be lies.

  • Bethanymonday

    Clinton did really poorly in this: going on and on about herself, and how great she was: minute detail about Iran negotiations (conveniently forgetting that recently war as a last resort wasn’t her policy: she wanted to bomb Iran in 2008, and said Obama was naive for talking to them).
    Her entry was just weird: doing a little jig?
    She just came over as inauthentic, self-promoting and tiresome. Bernie, in great contrast, was obviously just being himself.

    • Scott Davenport

      Not weird. She took the “play to fear” page from the republican playbook. She did her best to put fear of terrorism in the heads of the viewers along with her as “our only hope.” It may work because people do not understand that the odds of being struck by lightening is higher than being killed in a terrorist attack.

  • People [shrugs]

    Some of the most transparently biased propaganda I’ve ever had the displeasure to sit through.

    We get it CNN, you’re pulling for Hillary…

  • Elyse Stewart-Sass

    Anyone that believes that a media outlet, owned by the multinational corporation, Time Warner, who gave Hillary $500,000.00, would allow for the unbias, evenhanded, fair questioning of the three candidates, is the same kind of person that thinks Hillary would represent their interests as president.

  • Ali Majd

    I bleed Sanders, but sometimes he makes me so angry! Why was Martin O’Malley the only one who mentioned how trickle-down economics is crap? Bernie’s entire campaign is based on that premise. Say it! Also, his answer for democratic socialism was weak. I know what he’s trying to say, but he really needs to tighten that up. It’s simple – Capitalism is phenomenal for producing most goods and services, but certain things, like healthcare, shouldn’t be subject to the profit motive because they are human rights. You guys are right, though; Clinton seemed confident, but there really wasn’t a lot of substance there…

  • Laura Parrish

    Was this the town hall hosted by the woman who is the new chair of the Iowa Dem party and has the HRC2016 license plate on her car?

    • Bernie7gal

      She was busy rigging the caucus.

    • nicolasqueen

      I think it was, yes.

  • Sherry E Queen-Ball

    Would not vote for this thieving bitch if she were the only one running. She steals everything including people livelihoods, and thinks nothing is wrong. She is so out of touch with the people. She has never known what is it like to go the grocery store with a calculator, any such situation of being poor or going without. She looks down her nose all the time at others like she is trying to make everyone feel awful about themselves, like she was dropped from heaven by God himself, maybe she believes she is a Goddess or something, WRONG!! She seems to be an awful person too maybe that is why so many dislike her personally and for everything she does that makes her look like she is great, she is NOT. I will vote for Bernie anytime and that is who needs to be the president not a thieving, lying, piece of crap like her. Also, God help us all if Clinton or (God No!!!) Trump wins the election, the two pieces of crap in the same outhouse. Why does want to be preside? Maybe because she likes the new furniture.

  • grimmwerks

    I saw the same thing with the kid that flubbed her name — *maybe* questions were aggregated by cnn and then doled out to different candidates, but the questions *seemed* a little more against Bernie.

    However, as usual Bernie dealt with the questions and gave even MORE to the people in the room. When he stood it was more like a Bernie Sanders rally than anything else. Everybody looks at him and thinks ‘aww poor old man’ and then the dude is quick witted, explains everything very clearly (including the process and why he supposedly ‘changed his mind about gun control’ — no, he explained the good and bad parts of what he voted for) and just keeps talking about the issues.

    I think it’s interesting that Hilary is saying they want to build upon what has been done and go further. I totally agree! So vote Sanders. Until campaign / money in Washington is changed, it will always be only the ones that are filtered through the money machine that will be in any place to make decisions.

  • David Parcell

    The house of Clinton needs to get their butt kicked one more time. The network quit getting my support years ago and will never get my viewing again. The Clintons are no different then the Donald if they win we the people lose!

  • alykatma

    I do not watch CNN.

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  • Tom Bartholf

    What You Need to Know About Hillary and the DNC Before Voting Starts on Monday…/

  • Bernie7gal

    Shirtly after this Hilary accused Bernie of a smear campaign. I just don’t understand how so many people can not see through her.
    Madeleine Albright today saying there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support each other. So I need to vote for a war criminal to preserve my place in heaven?