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We Are Not Berniebots: If Bernie Won’t Stand up to Hillary Then We Will

I’m pissed. All day I have been lectured about how Bernie’s supporters will line up behind Hillary. How we will unify because Trump is scary. How we will do the right thing and give in to fear to stand up to Trump. Here’s the problem: how has Hillary proven to Bernie supporters that she deserves their vote? The answer… Read More »

Hillary and the DNC Must Pay for Disenfranchising Voters and Corrupting our Democracy

Standing at the beginning of the Democratic National Convention and following the Republican National Convention, you would think everyone would be able to unify and stand against Donald Trump. And then Wikileaks released thousands of emails showing how the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign as well as the media to elect Hillary. You know,… Read More »

We Need to Takeover the Democratic Party

OK, the primary is not over yet but no matter what happens something is clear: We shouldn’t leave the Democratic party, form a third party or anything like that. No, Berniecrats, progressives or whoever you are out there. It’s time to reclaim the mantle of the Democrats and throw out the Third Way/ New Democrats.… Read More »

How MSNBC Just Tried to Help Hillary Beat Bernie on Super Tuesday 3

MSNBC has spiralled into complete and utter irrelevance tonight. I hear you, you thought that happened when Morning Joe played patty cake with Trump over and over as well as Joe Scarborough was taking questions from Hugh Hewitt about seriously considering being Trump’s VP. Oh, and maybe when the Morning Joe crew went full prostrating… Read More »