Can We Stop Insulting New Hampshire Voters by Insinuating They Picked Sanders Because He’s From Next Door?

By | February 9, 2016

CNN. MSNBC. And every other mainstream media outlet wants you to believe sincerely that Sanders won New Hampshire because he was from next door in Vermont. This gives him the hometown advantage because they know him better.

Oh, so do many Democratic establishment higher-ups.

It’s insulting to tell the nation that New Hampshirites are swayed by voting for the neighbor and missing out on the great package that is Hillary Clinton. Only because he’s pretty much that nice Jewish kid across the state line.

Bull crap, people!

Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye since the 1992 when her husband won the presidency and for 8 years she was the First Lady. She was then a Senator in New York and her name was often touted that she would run for President. She did that in 2008 and WON NEW HAMPSHIRE DRAMATICALLY.

She lost the primary to Obama who then made her Secretary of State and again she was often in the limelight.

New Hampshire KNOWS her.

And maybe that is the issue. Hillary is well known and the voters want change. They are tired of the same crap every 4 years and they know that is what they will get from her.

Maybe they saw the hypocrisy in her going after leaving the spotlight of public service and taking Wall Street money to talk to them, and then deny it changed her.

Maybe, they remember why they liked her in 2008 but since that time they recognize this is not the same Hillary Clinton they liked then.

Or, maybe they like Bernie and believe in his message.

The issue with Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton. She is discussing now, according to Politico, of shaking up her campaign. She did that in 2008, too.

But David Axelrod is very correct when he adds:

“When the exact same problems crop up in separate campaigns, with different staff, at what point do the principals say, ‘Hey, maybe it’s US?’,” the former top aide to President Barack Obama tweeted.

And that is probably the biggest issue that new Hampshire had this time, too. Maybe they said, “We’ve seen that before but the message just isn’t ringing true. It’s time for a change.”

And I think I’m right, because over on the Republican side they chose Trump over the establishment, too.

This election is becoming historic because it’s the establishment versus the change candidates. And not “change you can believe in.” They had that and want real change.

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